App of the Week: Coin Combines Payment Cards, Cures Exploding Wallet Syndrome

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Freaky, but not unrealistic.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the dreaded I Hate Myself Tuesday have come and gone, but Christmas is still weeks away and there is still shopping left to be done for most of us. As we race around to stores and browse through websites, the wallet comes out over and over again. For most of us, that means at least a handful of cards get used, from debit and credit to store rewards cards. And that's not even counting the fistful of gift cards we'll get during the holidays from friends and relatives who ran out of time and had to get our gift at CVS or the various gym membership IDs we'll need to work off the Christmas ham that was left sagging around our waistline after the final toast was made around 5 a.m. New Year's Day.

You could to like George Kostanza and stuff your wallet so full of crap, it explodes in the street. Or, you might consider Coin, a new piece of tech that means to eliminate every card in your wallet but one.

The deceptively simple concept comes with three components: an app for your phone, a swiper to grab information from all your cards and the Coin card itself. Once logged into the app, all it takes is a swipe of whatever card you have and the information is stored (securely? more on that in a moment) and made available to add to your card.

An unlimited number of debit, credit, gift, rewards and membership cards can be stored via the app, but the Coin can only hold eight at a time. Still, with the app, it is easy to switch the cards on the Coin at any time. And once they are on the Coin, all you have to do is tap it to choose the card you want to use. This includes stores, ATMs and the like.

It's a pretty amazing little piece of technology, but there are some limitations.

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