2013 BCS Shakeup: Who Would Be The Four Teams In A College Football Playoff?

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BCS's Final Four
The BCS Title Game matchup is set and while it wasn't the matchup that was the most highly expected going into Saturday afternoon, it's a matchup between what most college football fans and experts see as the two most deserving teams in the country.

As expected, Florida State played a game of "name the score" with Duke in the ACC Title Game, allowing the Blue Devils to hang for most of the first half before unleashing a 31-points-in-16 minutes assault on the poor Dukies. (Somewhere, Dick Vitale wept, and he wasn't even sure why.)

Less expected was Michigan State's 34-24 win over Ohio State in the Big Ten Title Game, in which the Spartans jumped out to a 17-0 lead, allowed 24 unanswered points, and closed out with 17 unanswered of their own to move to 12-1 on the season and earn a trip to the Rose Bowl to take on Stanford in a game that will look like a Pier Six brawl. (What was it about Pier Six that made people so ornery?)

Sparty's win allowed Auburn, a 59-42 winner over Missouri in the SEC Title Game earlier in the day, to take the spot opposite the Seminoles in Pasadena the second week of January.

Unlike some previous seasons, there was almost no debate over these two teams being the championship game participants.

In seasons past, there would be one-loss teams with a legitimate claim at a spot in the title game who would get left out, and relegated to some other BCS bowl (or worse). With the four team College Football Playoff on the horizon next season (more on this in a second), it would seem that there should be less complaining.

However, looking at the one-loss teams this season, there is no good case that can be made in taking one of them over Auburn:

ALABAMA: Lost head to head against Auburn in the final week of the regular season
MICHIGAN STATE: Didn't play a single team in the Sagarin top ten. (Auburn beat #2 and #9.)
OHIO STATE: Lost to Michigan State head to head.
BAYLOR: Best win was over Oklahoma (Sagarin #21) and its sole loss was a blowout to Oklahoma State

(Yes, I know UCF, Louisville, Fresno State, and Northern Illinois also each lost only one game, but....yeah....anyway.)

So there's no one among that crowd that has even a reasonable claim at playing Florida State in January for all the marbles. However, let's pretend (as we did last Friday) that it's 2014 and we are looking at a four team playoff. With the entire season now in the books, we can clearly speculate what a four team playoff would look like given the results of the regular season and conference championship games.

What would the four team College Football Playoff look like?

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