Zapruder Analysis of a Harlem Globetrotter's Near Decapitation

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Ruh roh!
There was a time, years ago, when the Harlem Globetrotters were a really big deal. During my formative years (child of the '80s here), before Vince McMahon usurped the term "sports entertainment" for his World Wrestling Federation, the Globetrotters were the epitome of sports entertainment.

It was basketball meets physical comedy, all sprinkled in confetti. It was Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal. It was Geese Ausbie and Sweet Lou Dunbar. So adept at their basketball magic were the 'Trotters that my friends and I just assumed they weren't an NBA team because the NBA wouldn't allow them in the league...because they'd go 82-0.

Just ask the Washington Generals, right?

How big were the Globetrotters back in the day? Big enough to appear routinely on Scooby Doo and to have their own episode of Gilligan's Island. In 1980-something, to a 12-year-old kid, that was as big as it got.

Today, the Globetrotters franchise still exists, but it's a shell of what it once was. What used to be a team with some celebrity buzz is today a faceless roster of fourth-tier college players with one-word nicknames. It's a little sad, I won't lie, but if the Globetrotters want to re-engage me as a fan, they may have found a way to do it.

Dateline, Honduras....

Meet "Bull," 6-foot-4 guard out of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

(The Globetrotters roster, for whatever reason, actually refuses to give real names, leaving us to believe that "Flight Time," "Handles" and "Quake" are actually their real names.)

At a game Friday at the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Bull tried what I'm assuming is a signature move of his, the old "alley oop and hang on the rim and climb onto the face of the backboard" maneuver. Here's what happened, with brief Zapruder analysis afterwards:

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