Zapruder Analysis of a Drunk Chick Wearing Just a Shaq Jersey

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Second drinker? No grassy knoll for this girl.
Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous dates in American history, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The quintessential date where anyone alive at that time "remembers where they were," the nation was indelibly changed that day, and in an eerie way a star-crossed (at times, morbidly so) course was charted for one of America's First Families.

So on a day where networks are remembering that fateful Dallas afternoon, I think it's only appropriate that we do a Zarpuder-style analysis of a YouTube video (any YouTube video, really), since the original Zapruder film was of the Kennedy assassination.

Don't ever let it be said that I don't respect history.

Here is a video I came across last week (h/t The Big Lead), and I have been meaning to do a breakdown on it. No overt ties to the Kennedy family here, just good ol' fashioned Zapruder analysis!

So without further ado, carve out about nine minutes and enjoy this one...

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David Cook
David Cook

she did way better than i did. just ask Kathi Bond

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