This Weekend's Best Bets: Fire Pelini (No, Not That One, THAT ONE) Edition

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One of the very underrated advancements in wagering over the last few years is that we now have the ability to bet on several sports-related propositions off the field of play.

For example, in the corner of the Internet that I frequent for my odds and occasional risk of a sawbuck or two, you can bet on Nebraska firing Bo Pelini before the end of the calendar year (YES and NO are both -120, by the way).

How great is that? Betting on employment! Say what you will about Pelini -- he's a whack job, he's a nut, he has anger issues -- but that's how you know you're relevant, when people are betting on whether or not you'll keep your job.

Incidentally, I wonder what kind of odds you would have gotten on Bo's brother Carl getting fired before Bo. And for smoking weed, of all things! I'm guessing Carl Pelini's 5-15 career record didn't help sway the guillotine of unemployment in his favor either. I may have to give him my Bear Bryant vote as a consolation prize.

(Incidentally, if you want to hear some phenomenal thoughts on Pelini and about a dozen other topics, here's the interview John Granato and I did with former Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy on Wednesday. You should really listen.)

Now on to the bets!

Ohio State -32 over PURDUE
Every season, we arrive at a weekend where it makes sense to start backing teams that need style points in the BCS when they are road favorites over crappy teams with no real home-field advantage. Well, this is that weekend, and Ohio State (undefeated but still fourth in the BCS rankings) is that team.

NOTRE DAME -15 over Navy
Notre Dame started the season a little slow, but after last week's 45-10 win over Air Force, I think they may be hitting their stride. They've covered their last three games, and more important, the calendar flips over to November this weekend. November means turkey, big pilgrim hats and Brian Kelly gettin' wins. Kelly is 10-1 in November as head coach at Notre Dame. He's going for his third straight win over Navy, which may not sound like a big deal, but during the middle part of the decade, Navy's football team ran through Notre Dame like the actual Navy would run through Trinidad and Tobago.

Georgia -3 over Florida (at Jacksonville)
For only the second time since 1980, these two teams meet in a game where both are unranked. I know Georgia is missing all sorts of skill guys, but I'll take the veteran quarterback.

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