This Weekend's Best Bets: A Story of the Worst Sibling Ever

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Don't bet on it.
It happens for many families at Thanksgiving. What, on paper, looks like it should be a time to enjoy the company of relatives, maybe even reconnect with those you've lost touch with, turns into old wounds torn open.

Fights, arguments and an airing of grievances that would make Frank Costanza proud.

If this happened to you yesterday, and you're still simmering and maybe feeling a little guilty over a spat with your brother or sister, just know that neither you nor they are the worst sibling ever. No, that title has already been taken.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Judy Lawson!

For many years, she was estranged from her brother, but recently the two had become close again as the man suffered from Huntington's disease, which affects the central nervous system. Perhaps it was innate kinship she felt for her ailing brother, or perhaps it was a kinship she felt with his bank account.

For after he lent her 1,500 pounds, Lawson proceeded to steal over another 4,000 pounds from him, including nearly 300 of which she spent playing slot machines. That's the unseemly, ugly side of gambling, people.

For her trouble, Lawson received a six-month suspended sentence, but I can't help thinking that if she had just decided to follow...okay, FADE my picks, she wouldn't have needed to steal from her brother!

So Judy Lawson, to keep you from thieving your ill brother further, here are six picks to go opposite of this weekend and put some money in your pocket (I am picking almost 40 percent winners, people. Going oppo, you'll be rich!)

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