Rep. Steve Stockman Somehow Renews His Tim Fleck Feud

Stockman brings up an old enemy.
Tim Fleck, a former reporter for the Houston Press and KTRH before moving to the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle, had a somewhat odd relationship with Steve Stockman, an occasionally successful GOP candidate for the U.S. House.

At various times events involved sheriff's deputies and a lawsuit being filed by Fleck, who was looking into campaign-finance irregularities.

One would have thought things would have been left in the past with Fleck's retirement from the Chron two years ago, but no.

The Chron did its own campaign-finance irregularities story Sunday; as a result Stockman fired two staffers.who had improperly contributed to his campaign.

The Congressman also tried to take what he could of the offensive by issuing a press release late Friday that blamed the whole thing on Fleck.

The Houston Chronicle will run an ambush story Sunday that will misrepresent a recent error made by staffers and make personal attacks against me....The Houston Chronicle has employed Tim Fleck to its editorial board. Fleck, a left-wing activist who previously wrote for the liberal Houston Press, has been obsessed with me since June 1996, when he forced his way into my home and verbally abused campaign volunteers until sheriff's deputies were called.

He has since sued me unsuccessfully, and apparently cannot let it go.

Fleck once picked up a coral snake and was surprised when it bit him and he had to go to the hospital, so he's not the kind who learns quickly.

Stockman says Fleck "is now using his position at the Chronicle" to have "four different reporters follow my staff and me, even watching me as I take out my household trash."

Tim Fleck: The most powerful journalist in town?

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"Congressman Clueless" strikes again.  Former homeless drifter gets elected to Congress in 1994, embarasses himself and is voted out two years later.  Tries numerous times to get elected so some office, and finally strikes gold in 2010, and promptly goes back to making idiotic statements.  Some things never change.


Hey, at least Rep. Stockman admits he is a snake.

Rep. Stockman is an embarrassment to our state and the voters who elected him. His idea of responding to an article that clearly stated his ethically mistakes is to warn people that he is a poisonous snake. For once I agree with him, Stockman is both vicious and dumb.

Fleck should display this attack from the poisonous Stockman as a badge of honor.


Like most Republicans, Stockman is delusional.

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