Soccer Fan Bets His House AND LOSES! (Also, My Weekend Best Bets)

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Or the farm.
There's an old saying that when people feel strongly about a sports betting premonition, they should "bet the farm." The phrase is never uttered with the thought that anyone anywhere would literally do that, though.

However, apparently Iganga, Uganda, is not part of "anywhere." (And international soccer fans are not really just "anyone" either, worth noting.)

I'll give you my best bets for the weekend in a moment (WARNING: NOT to be used in betting your home!), but first this story of loss, love, quasi-prostitution and soccer, courtesy of the Manchester Evening News:

Never bet your house on anything.

That's what one Arsenal fan has learned the hard way after wagering his two-room property on the Gunners beating Manchester United at Old Trafford.

According to the Observer newspaper in Uganda , Henry Dhabasani made a bet with Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would come out on top in the crunch game on Sunday.

Dhabasani gambled his house and Yiga offered up his new Toyota Premio and his wife. The two signed their bet in front of local leaders and fans in Iganga.

Dhabasani apparently fainted on the final whistle, and the next day several United fans stormed the place where the man lived with his three wives and five children and threw them out of the abode.

A few thoughts on this story:

1. Okay, so a dude with three wives was betting his house so he could fetch himself another wife? Dhabasani is not exactly the most meticulous planner. I mean, bad enough that he's jamming nine people into a two-room domicile, but he essentially makes a wager in which there is no scenario in which he can feasibly improve his life -- if he had won, he would've added another wife to his collection (which means another list of honey-do's, and his soccer-watching time cut into by another 25 percent -- sorry, a Toyota Premio throw-in isn't enough to make this enticing), and if he had lost, which he did, he'd be homeless.

2. Come to think of it, the potential outcomes beg the question -- which is actually the better scenario, four wives and five kids in a cramped two-room house, or three wives and five kids with no home, sleeping under the stars. The smell of that two-room house alone makes me think that I'd almost rather have lost if I were Dhabarasi.

3. Regardless, I tell you this story because if you've been riding my picks this season, this story is evidence that it could be worse. Of course, if you've been betting large amounts on my picks, you might actually be homeless by now, like Dhabarasi, in which case it couldn't be worse.

Hey, at least I'm 10-7-1 the last three weeks! Something to build on! Let's get it going for this week...

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