Richie Incognito Epilogue: Stephen Ross and Trent Dilfer Speak Out (w/ VIDEO)

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Did Dilfer just say "turd" on MNF Countdown? C'mon man!
Roughly 48 hours have now gone by since Richie Incognito's ultra rehearsed image rehabilitation session interview with FOX's Jay Glazer.

We learned that Richie Incognito was able to recite some lines indicating that he is indeed contrite about his use of the n-word in a voicemail message to teammate Jonathan Martin, and that any perceived bullying was actually an act of love and friendship on Incognito's part.

Really, according to Incognito, he just wants to give Martin a "big hug." That's so sweet! Coggie is a gem!

On Monday, though, the aftermath of the Incognito public display of affection bullying and of the Incognito interview played out in several different venues coast to coast.

The day actually started off with breakfast. (Y'know, since it's the most important meal of the day and what not.) Fresh off his interview at the Wilshire Beverly Hills with Glazer earlier in the weekend, Incognito apparently decided to make a vacation out of his suspension and hang out in Los Angeles for a while longer, and in turn was spotted chowing down by himself at The Farm in Beverly Hills:

Incognito took a solo seat at The Farm of Beverly Hills ... and ordered a chicken, goat cheese and spinach scramble ... with a cup of coffee to wash it down.

Restaurant sources tell us Richie was pretty quiet during the meal -- but was very polite to staffers and left a pretty solid tip.

Meanwhile, back in Tampa Bay, prior to Monday night's barnburner with the Buccaneers, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross addressed the Incognito situation by announcing that he would be meeting with Martin on Wednesday:

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Ross is in CYA mode.  Philbin might be kept, but Ireland has had issues before, and someone wrote it was because he made the mistake of taking Bill Parcels advice on speaking to the press.  (In other words, don't.)  Trent Dilfer.  Remember him on SVP and Ricillo getting angry as he discussed quarterbacks being put by coaching staffs into a position to win.  (In his mind, "Brian Billick let me go!  And I quarterbacked a Super Bowl winning team!")  As for the whole Incognito mess, is that really his families' name?

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