Petition Urges Killing Plan to Cut Down Forest in Section of Terry Hershey Park

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Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park is known for its lush wooded areas and the trails that lace through them. But now some locals are worried that it won't stay that way after the Harris County Commissioners Court authorized a study of the area that points toward the creation of a detention basin for the water downstream of Buffalo Bayou.

"It's one of the few areas where there's natural surface trail through a wooded area," Bill Rustam, a lawyer who lives in the area, said. "Once you get in there, it blocks out the sounds of the traffic, and it's a little piece of heaven in the concrete jungle we're surrounded by."

Last week, Rustam and the other members of Save Our Forest, a group organized against the detention, got together an online petition with more than 1,500 signatures to try to persuade the Commissioners Court not to authorize a $250,000 engineering study on a stretch of land from Eldridge Parkway to Wilcrest in Terry Hershey Park.

Critics of the study claim that it is the first step in a project that will deforest the entire section of the park between Eldridge and Wilcrest. The study, approved by the court Tuesday, will be taking a survey of the trees and conditions in the area for a detention basin, Pct. 3 Commissioner Steve Radack said.

"This is an effort by the county to analyze and make a plan. That way when we do make plans for more detention, we'll know where the trees are, where the good trees are and where the ones that are less desirable are located," Radack said.

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According to the study Charting Buffalo did they need 1300 acre feet of water detention and the basins at THP will only provide 279 acre feet.  Clodine ditch will provide 1600, more than what is needed. Why waste more money studying THP?

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