Houstoric Project, Volume 7: The East End

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8. A scene from the 6600 Block of Harrisburg
You can see the Boulevard Theatre on the left and rail tracks for the Harrisburg line of the Houston Electric Company trolley. Houston was way ahead of its time. Harrisburg Boulevard is currently under construction for Metro's ever-expanding new light rail.


9. Southern Brass Manufacturing & Plating Co. It is currently a Pegasso Tours International Bus Station and has served as many different bus stations for several decades.


10. Navaway Theater. 6714 Navigation Boulevard
Seen here before its grand opening in 1939, the Navaway Theatre was located on Navigation between 67th Street and Wayside Drive. It had one screen and seated 650 people. The original paved sidewalk can still be seen today.


11. Hidalgo Park Quiosco. Magnolia Park, 7000 Avenue Q
Dedicated on September 14, 1934, the gazebo was commissioned under the leadership of Dr. A.G. Gonzales and designed by Houston resident Vidal Lozano.

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I wouldn't say that the east end covers to Hobby Airport, and I grew up in the Eastwood S/D and still live in the short east end.

Sara Brown
Sara Brown

Jessica Diaz have you seen this??

Richard Cerda
Richard Cerda

the view from our old bust stop comes in at number 7, Robert Castillo Christina Suarez Zack Pruit Celina Salas

Mayling Tate
Mayling Tate

Those pics bring back so many memories, some wonderful while others i chose to forget, of my old stomping grounds! Aaaah, to be young again!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!!

Jesse Berrospe
Jesse Berrospe

I live in East End and have seen the changes since the 60's particularly around neighborhood by Austin high school


Lived there with my grandmother years ago on Avenue S.  Shotgun house, noisy neighbors, God I hated it there. 

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