Oh No! Houstoric Project has been cloned! And an Edit Must Be Made

Photo by Abrahán Garza

After receiving a few messages from friends over the weekend congratulating me on "my print piece," I had to remind them that I worked for the Houston Press and that we don't have a weekend print edition. Confused, I had to find out what they were messaging me about.

(I also mentioned my latest blog wouldn't be up until Monday morning.)

It was an honest mistake. After all, I've been doing it in Houston for a few years now.

Although the effort is appreciated, it needs to be noted that the above image (taken this morning) was actually originally taken at 812 Main Street, not on Travis Street near Rusk. I felt it was my duty to mention it since the Houstoric Project is so dear to me.

The Wilson sisters know exactly how I felt...

In case you missed Volume 7 of the Houstoric Project, The East End yesterday, we wanted to remind you with this bonus photo, duty free.

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Oh man, Really?  C'mon, this post is pure pettiness.  Don't get me wrong, your series is neat and I enjoy it but what is the controversey here? 

Is it that the Chron reporter got a street wrong?   So? Big deal.  It's a minor mistake and an example of why papers include corrections. 

Is it that he dug through the same Houston Kennedy pics that you did?   I didn't realize that those were your sole property. 

Or is it that you have somehow laid claim to holding up old pics to current locations in Houston?  Hate to burst your bubble but people have been holding up old images against the current locations for quite some time (here is just one example: http://dearphotograph.com/ ) so this isn't a particularly novel idea. 

Get overyourself and get back to just taking cool pics. 

P.S. - Perhaps I missed it in the pieces but I find it curious it is that it seems that neither you nor the Chron guy seem to care enough about any of the photographers who took the original photos to bother giving them credit. 

johnnybench topcommenter

Did they at least give you your hand back when they were done taking the picture?

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