Honeymoon Tech: The Five Most-Used Apps From My Vacation

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Surprisingly, the iPhone's native camera app in iOS 7 was outstanding.
I got married recently and, naturally, my wife and I took our honeymoon immediately following. In our case, we went to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Because I work in a tech field, I tend not to go on vacation without some computer technology on me. For my honeymoon, however, I opted for only my phone. I had no desire to connect to work, but having an iPhone on ANY trip can be immensely helpful for tracking flights to looking up restaurant reviews to checking the weather.

In this case, it even became my only camera -- something of a novelty for someone who routinely packs an entire camera bag for a weekend trip to the Hill Country. Now that I'm back, I figured a roundup of some of the best and most useful apps on my trip was in order, particularly since I was staying in a place that, while not a deserted island in the middle of the South Pacific, didn't always lend itself to the best app performances.

5. Camera
This might seem odd, but it is for me. I have long been an advocate of camera apps for the iPhone, but since updating to iOS 7, I've found the native camera app to be exceptionally good and notable for its speed. Cameras apps can be slow to open because it takes time for them to access the camera portion of the phone. Not so with the native app, which opens extremely quickly, which is important when you are trying to snap a picture of an iguana that is not at ALL interested in hanging around for your phone app to load.

The new features like HDR, square cropping, filters and basic edit functions have dramatically expanded upon what it could do in previous versions. The edit, in particular, was handy for killing red eye, cropping and enhancing colors. I saved the filters for Instagram, but I could see using them to save time when uploading directly to social media.

This is obviously not going to replace my DSLR, but I could see not needing to buy another point-and-shoot digital and not having to drag my Nikon with me everywhere now.

4. Facebook
Speaking of social media, Facebook is undoubtedly the king when it comes to sharing information with friends and family. So too was it for my wife and me on our honeymoon. The iPhone app has improved markedly over the years and a most recent update for iOS 7 added even more features that are native to the browser-based version.

From tagging and location accuracy to sharing photos, Facebook allowed us to show people what an obscenely good time we were having, which was great for inducing jealous fits of rage in friends. Bonus! And because the app really has improved, it didn't feel like a chore trying to use it.

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