HISD Sells High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to St. Thomas

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HISD made the sale

After months of deliberation, we have a sale. The Houston Independent School District Board of Education authorized the sale of the campus housing the district's High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice on Thursday.

Trustees voted unanimously to accept a $60 million bid made by St. Thomas High School.

The bid from St. Thomas was one of two the district received on November 1. The other bid was from E.L.K. Mountain Limited for $49,272,914, according to a release issued by HISD. The two entities grappled for months over who would get the deal, but HISD rejected offers from both. This round of bidding was supposed to be the final crack at making the deal.

During the 2012 school bond campaign, HISD officials promised to build a new High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice using land sale proceeds and/or any surplus bond dollars. The existing campus is located at 4701 Dickson. The location of the new campus hasn't been chosen yet.

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Wait!  Whaere did we get a high school for Law enforcement and Crim.. from? And how come we the taxpayers werent notified or included in the discussion?


I graduated from there in 2007. Shame they're tearing it down. We already know what hisd will do with those funds....reason public schools suck and private schools like st Thomas prosper.

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