High Schoolers Think They Influenced the West University Election

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Mason Speed, Franz Brotzen-Smith and Sam Kagan, three of the seven members of West-U for Progress, on election night.

Election Day is long past and a small group of high school students, mostly sophomores, is still celebrating a presumed victory of campaigning.

In the weeks leading up to the election, a group of seven students from Lamar High School and St. John's were reading through the proposed amendments to the West University charter when they came across a few they didn't like.

We all see things we don't like in politics and government, but the difference here is these kids saw something they wanted to change and -- though not a single one of them is eligible to vote -- they did something about it (and yes, politically active future voters trying to have a vote is as adorable to Hair Balls as a teacup pig, we admit it.)

The group, which formed about three months ago and is called West-U for Progress, got out and started going door to door and making phone calls urging people to vote against Proposition 1, which was supposed to change term limits in West University; Proposition 2, which called for increasing the number of qualified voter signatures needed on initiative petitions to the City Council; and Proposition 3, which called for an increase in the number of signatures required by residents to repeal ordinances.

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