Glenn Beck-esque Council Member Helena Brown Forced Into Runofff Against Brenda Stardig

Photo from City of Houston
Brown faces a runoff.
Controversial District A council member Helena Brown has been forced into a runoff against Brenda Stardig, a former holder of the seat.

With 97 percent of the precincts reporting, Brown had 38 percent of the vote and Stardig 29 percent. Mike Knox had almost 20 percent.

Brown needed to get more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff.

She is a Tea Party favorite with some odd political connections we looked at in a July 2012 feature called "Who's Behind Helena Brown?" Her Glenn Beck-esque speeches during council meetings about such things as the United Nations seizing control of Houston development have left her colleagues baffled.

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District A has a very diverse population. It seems like we should have had at least one Latino or Asian candidate, but we ended up having a choice of 5 white conservative republicans. 


District A deserves Brown and everything it doesn't get. I am rooting for her just to have someone to laugh at on city council.


The Tea Party supporters seem to exercise the right to vote more than any other group. I think we had close to 20% voter turnout in District A for this election. That's really good, but it still means that 80% couldn't be bothered. Brown will probably win again.


When she wins let it remind you that the tea party is America and you're just the low information breather.


@spike  However what is always ironic about the Tea Party is that they want gov't of any kind eliminated. Very strange people.



Hardly America, in fact there's a backlash against the Tea Party idiocy, meanness and inability to govern. Big money is finally shying away from these goons: the Virginia governors result is one sign. Bill Gross's recent editorial, calling for more taxes on his class of wealthy, is another.

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