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Photo by George Balke
Me on the left about to boat bump a sucka.
Miniature golf has seemed to hold a fascination with kids since it was invented, which is remarkable considering how freaking boring the grown-up version of the game is for those same children. From the early 1970s through the early part of this millennium, the place to get your putt-putt on was Castle Golf and Games. Tucked into the armpit of the I-10 exit off the southbound side of the North Loop was a glorious replica castle surrounded by golf, bumper boats and batting cages, filled with video games and skee ball.

It could be argued that it was second only to Astroworld for many years in terms of entertaining kids in the Houston area.

Name: Castle Golf and Games
Description: Miniature Golf Amusement Complex
Location: 610 at I-10 Interchange
Features: Putt-putt golf course, bumper boats, video games and batting cages.

The multiple golf courses were the main attraction here with all kinds of hazards and features including a good-size windmill and even interaction with the castle itself -- your final shot went through a chute into the castle, never to be seen again. This place was like the scene from Happy Gilmore only without the evil, laughing clown.

The batting cages and video games were nice additions as well, but the bumper boats may have been my personal favorite. They were just like bumper cars but fueled with a lawnmower engine and the savage faculties of tweens, and drivers could race across over-chlorinated water and smash the living crap out of their friends and unsuspecting adults who weren't paying attention.

It was a pretty fantastic place to go as a kid.

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Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Miss Malibu Gran Prix on 610 and 10!

Optimo Ram
Optimo Ram

thats the place where i first made it to 2nd base!

jeffbalke topcommenter

@John Carpenter Yup. Malibu is on my list for an upcoming installment of this series.

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