Five of the Most Interesting Videos on the JFK Assasination

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Everyone and their dog is talking about the day President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, 50 years ago today. There are countless videos, documentaries and newspaper inches spilling out as we lead up to the actual anniversary. In case you want a refresher course on some of the happenings of that day, here are some interesting videos with the comments of those, both the great and the historical-footnote variety, who were there.

5. Bystanders With Cameras.

Mary Moorman and Jean Hill had both turned out on the streets of Dallas to see the presidential motorcade as it passed by. "As the motorcade came down the slope we all got caught up in the thrill of we're going to see a president," Hill said. Moorman stepped out, camera in hand, lining herself up to take a photo as the president's car passed. "I followed it for oh so many seconds and then I did take the picture," she said in an interview. She heard a gunshot while she was taking the photo. When the polaroid developed it apparently captured JFK just as he was shot. (Also, listening to these old interviews, we can't help but notice that the Texas accent of today is nothing compared to what it once was."

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