Five Bits of JFK Assassination Paraphernalia You Won't See

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Right now the world is full of Kennedy nostalgia and tons of stuff you can see linked to the day President John F. Kennedy and company drove past the Texas Book Depository in downtown Dallas. The 50th anniversary is upon us, and while it might feel a wee bit on the morbid side to be so focused on the day a man was violently killed, what can you do but think about it, watch the documentaries, the movies, read the articles and generally soak it all up, sponge-like? But while you can lay eyes on such items as Gov. John Connolly's wool suit, complete with bullet holes and a blood-spattered shirt, and the contents of Lee Harvey Oswald's wallet, there are a few things you won't be seeing.

5. Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding ring. Oswald went out to Fort Worth before the assassination and spent the night with his estranged Russian wife, Marina, who later said he'd asked her to take him back and she refused. The next morning, she woke to find Oswald had left money and his wedding ring on the nightstand (but had retrieved the gun hidden in the garage.) After the assassination, she gave the ring -- a gold band with a hammer and sickle engraved inside it -- to a lawyer who put it in his files where it stayed until some colleagues found it a few years ago. Last month, Oswald's wife sold the ring at auction, where it was purchased by an anonymous bidder for $118,000.

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