Memories of Doomed Astrodome Flood Twitter

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The plan to renovate the Astrodome didn't pass muster with the voters last night, but that hasn't stopped people from being heard in another way.

The rejection of the $217 million plan makes it more likely than ever that the Dome gets turned into a parking lot. And so Houstonians have taken to Twitter to mostly mourn and remember the Eighth Wonder, under the hashtag #astrodome memories.

Some highlights:

Roman Petrowski @RomanPetrowski
#AstrodomeMemories being jacked to see monster jam for a month when I was little and getting sick and throwing up through the whole thing

Josh Varela @iAmJoshV
#AstrodomeMemories Yelling "Alouuuuuu"

Danny Isom @dannyisom
Seeing Darryl Strawberry hit a speaker in center field during HR contest in 1986 All-Star weekend #AstrodomeMemories

Vanessa Olivares @vaolivaresTV

Taking a look back as a child #AstrodomeMemories of events that I went and especially seeing Selena #LaReina for the last time #priceless ;(

Kyle Mays @KMays10
my very first Astros game. the 1986 Mike Scott no-hitter. i was 2 months old & wearing a Cabbage Path doll Astros uniform #AstrodomeMemories

Landon. @HelloLandie
#AstrodomeMemories Remembering the debt that Harris County still owes on it.

ShockerBOB @ShockerBob7
@Nick_Mathews loudest game ever. Oilers v Bills 12/27/92. Childress breaks Jim Kelly's leg. Romp 27-3 qualify 4 playoffs #AstrodomeMemories

Ashley Alderman @ashleyalderman
Y'all's #AstrodomeMemories are making me laugh and cry. Thank you for sharing.

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What a pity, but not  a surprise,  this ghoulish display of remorse gets prime-time play with HP in order to show us, what? Just how people "really" feel?  Or is HP using its journalistic Savoir- Faire to show us how very good it is at  pulling the death shroud over the dome?   Over the course of the Dome debate, HP has consistently been opposed to its salvation. Whatever it may think of itself, objective HP is not.  Because of voices like theirs, and their type of angle,  Houston will be robbed of  the legacy that HP -- as the stewards of  the public trust (however sarcastically they may regard that trust,)  --  should have embraced and protected.  The Dome was voted on and built by a people who showed vision, courage, and conviction which should have  been protected and its builders honored. Instead,  that legacy has been spat on and mock for the price of a few sheckles. Good job, HP;  you can be proud of your contribution to the Dome's destruction and your role as accessory to Houston's cultural murder. 


We don't need the dome. We don't need more convention space. That area is lacking hotels and walking space and no convention planner in his right mind would give a damn if we kept the dome. And, though it hurts to admit, domes have been built since the 1400's, only prettier.


Tearing down your own civic history is a sorry thing to do...


@Jeandeflorette  Your ignorance is breathtaking, do go on.  I'd love to hear all about the 15th Century  indoor  air-conditioned sport Domes.


@Aquaboy Throwing money away to renovate a shitheap is a sorry thing to do.


@metatronarchetype  And how much, exactly of your tax-dollars are being wasted in the name of saving a legacy? It was built and passed along to you to preserve. What have you done about that? Or is that too big an assignment? Does that take away from your time? A cultural legacy is not something that can be replaced or downloaded from the Internet like a song on an Ipod. Once its gone, its gone, And anyone who helped destroy it will be guilty of cultural murder.

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