Dear Fans, Please Don't Boo the Texans Because They're Sensitive Little Children

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Dear Fans, the Texans think you're stupid.
Ben Tate and Owen Daniels are upset the fans booed the Texans on Sunday. The offensive players didn't like that they had to go to a silent count on offense because of crowd anger. The fans should always be quiet and supportive, others say.

Some of the thinking is that Texans fans are stupid. That you aren't as smart as fans in other cities that are more intelligent when it comes to football. That you fans just don't understand how you're harming the team and hurting their feelings with your loud, vocal expressions of disgust.

Here's a little message for the players: Who cares what you think about the fans? You guys aren't paying ridiculous prices to see a team that's on an eight-game losing streak. You guys don't deal with the league's idiotic security policies week after week. You guys don't sit in the too-small seats and stand in the endless line for the toilets, then return to your seats just in time for Matt Schaub to trot out and guarantee the loss. You guys make it through that, then you can dictate fan behavior.

Athletes in Houston have it easy. Most of the crowds are easygoing and are more than willing to follow the dictates of the scoreboard. The fans are usually polite, more concerned with getting the timing of The Wave right than they are with responding angrily to what's happening on the field.

So the fans booed on Sunday. So home fans aren't supposed to boo the team. So what? Do you know what the fans booing the team really means: It means that they still give a damn. And with the season that the Texans are having, the fans still giving a damn is really rather a miracle.

The players should be thrilled that the fans still care enough to boo. That means fans are still showing up for the games. That they still care about what happens in the game. The next step, and one the players should dread, is indifference. Then there'll be no booing. There'll also be no applause. It'll be plenty quiet when the team's on offense, but it'll also be deathly quiet when the team's on defense and the opposition won't have to worry about using silent counts.

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The loss to the Jags should end any booing simply because few people will want to waste their breath on the Texans.  Case Keenum shows that he's just human.  Owen Daniels has grumbled about fans before as has Matt Schaub, and with his time in the league and injury history, it's time to go.  (Ben Tate needs a change of scenery where real fan hostility will enlighten him.)  So if players don't like the boo birds, ask to be released or traded.

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