Daylight Saving Time, Case Keenum & Lou Reed: How to Use That Extra Hour

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Suggestion Number Five: Dreaming Nightmaring about Case.
You've sprung ahead; now it's time to fall back.

Sunday brings the end of this year's Daylight Savings Time, meaning, we guess, that it's time to throw time-thriftiness to the winds and just go wild.

What should you do with that blessed extra hour? Five suggestions:

5. Accept the ending of the Case Keenum Era
The Texans play the Colts Sunday, and it's a night game so the ending of it will be that much closer to the magical Extra Hour. Use that hour to stare blankly at your bedroom ceiling reassessing how you once believed UH's Case Keenum was the Texans' answer to their QB problems. (In other words, it's going to be ugly Sunday -- Matt Schaub ugly -- in our humble opinion. We hope we're wrong.)

4. Write the Great American Tweet
Novels? TL;DR. Twitter is where all the great American writing is happening these days, according to people who tweet a lot.

Speed counts for as much as writerly brilliance; it's no good coming up with 140 characters that move people to laughter, tears or re-tweeting if someone has posted it 9.43 seconds before you did.

So use the extra hour to prepare tweets for, say, the deaths of Nelson Mandela and/or Keith Richards; the season finale of How I Met Your Mother; encountering an aggressive panhandler; or opening a can of snark whoop-ass when the Astros make their annual season-ticket pitch.

You'll be the Twitter King. For a half-hour or so.

3. Do a Lou Reed mental exercise
Of all the people who took to the web to express their strong, deep, oh-so-hip allegiance to the recently departed Lou Reed, what percentage of them had actually listened to Lou Reed on purpose at any point in the previous two years?

The wiki was strong that day, as people frantically hit "Lou Reed discography" to find the most obscure album to cite that wasn't Metal Machine Music.

2. Clear up your DVR backlog
Fast-forward is a beautiful thing, and an hour should be enough to get you through a season of Storage Wars: Texas, stopping occasionally what it'd be like to be stuck in a room for a day with Mary. Not to mention the two obese dudes.

1. Sleep
You deserve it. Try not to dream about Case Keenum.

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Glad to see your byline again, Mr. Connelly.


I read further to see if that segue bridge in the headline would bear traffic. It bore scrutiny OK, but I wouldn't drive anything bigger than a SmartCar on it. And re: Lou Reed, for the record (heh), probably the most obscure was his 2003 "Raven" project wherein he reads, straight, Poe's poem. That's entertainment.

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