UPDATED: Jim Crane Accuses Drayton McLane and Comcast of Fraud in a New Lawsuit

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So here we are. There's still no TV deal. The Rockets aren't on television. The Astros aren't on television. Jim Crane's been put in charge of getting the carriage deals. And now Crane's suing McLane and Comcast for defrauding him, which is something we probably should have seen coming. It is still perplexing, however, that Alexander was not named as a defendant given his alleged involvement according to Crane. On Thursday, Alexander surprised those gathered at the bankruptcy hearing when he offered to buy the entire CSN network. One can't help but wonder if maybe, maybe, Alexander's offer might have triggered a few last-minute rewrites of Crane's complaint.

It is difficult to anticipate what will happen next, but here are some educated guesses:

Expect Comcast to try to bring this case back under the auspices of the bankruptcy court.

Expect one of the defendants to try to bring Alexander into the suit as a co-defendant, seeing as how he, according to the pleadings, played a key role in the alleged fraud.

Expect Drayton McLane to bring in some high-powered attorneys to match Crane's team, which includes David Boles, one of the most respected trial lawyers in the country.

Expect McLane to go with his aw-shucks-just-a-poor-country-boy shtick.

Most important, don't expect the Rockets, Astros or Dynamo to come to your non-Comcast cable television anytime soon.

Or maybe Alexander will just make Crane an offer he can't refuse.

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A recent interview on the radio with Crane had him being asked if he had second thoughts about buying the Astros.  Long pregnant pause, some hemming and hawing, and then he tried to sound confident, but this guy is NOT happy.


Due diligence is one thing, and equal protection under the law another. The Sherman Anti Trust Act could come into play with only one organization having content rights. This trial could be the tip of the ice burg. .


Comcast has no real incentive to cut a deal, they are perfectly fine with being the exclusive provider of Houston sports. All the owners knew this when they decided to partner with Comcast, they deserve to be bleeding money from this venture.

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