Cover Story: Kinky Friedman Is Running for Agriculture Commish on a Marijuana Legalization Platform

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Politics are as frustrating as they are compelling. They can also be strange, sometimes really strange. In Texas, where we often push the level on the political weirdo-meter into the red, there is a battle brewing in the race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner that promises to add some celebrity intrigue to the already bizarre fray.

Kinky Friedman, the musician, writer and renaissance man, has decided to throw his considerably large black cowboy hat into the ring for the once obscure, but not somewhat coveted government post. Friedman always brings with him both a cigar-wielding charm and outspoken controversial nature that is as entertaining for Texans as it is annoying for political insiders, which is why his platform of legalizing marijuana is simultaneously confounding as it is hilarious.

In his cover story, High Hopes, William Michael Smith talks to the political hopeful, who wants Texas to get out of the private prison business and thinks legalizing weed is the first step.

If that weren't interesting enough, Smith points out that Willie Nelson (yes, that Willie Nelson) has offered to work with Friedman as a fundraiser, which isn't terribly surprising given Nelson's open stance on pot smoking. But, just when you thought the market was cornered by country music, in walks baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, who is considering running, and Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, who has offered to serve as the treasurer for Sid Miller, a former state rep and Rick Perry lieutenant.

So, if you are keeping score at home, that's two famous musicians and a baseball great all potentially involved in a race for agriculture commissioner with Friedman, who is certainly a Texas legend himself.

If that doesn't make you want to pay attention to the state political races, I'm not sure what will. Read all about it in High Hopes.

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Agricultural Commissioners dictate marijuana policy instead of legislators now? I think Ol Kinky is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.



Let's just continue this ridiculous and defeated war on drugs. And hear you cry about how much it costs to house criminals. 


@Gentian @DontCry  I said I was against legalization where?  I cried about how much it cost to house criminals where? Don't jump to conclusions.


@pennylove  Are you whining about my whining?

Some people are so gullible they have no problem when other people taking advantage of them. I hope 4 families of "illegal trespassers" moves in next door to you. :)


@DontCry @Gentian 

...wouldn't be much of a jump really. whining is your specialty. illegal trespassers (lol) if I recall correctly.

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