Cardinals 27, Texans 24: Seven Painful Losses in a Row

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What did we learn from the game?
Anyone who doubted Andre Johnson was still a stud is an idiot. His two touchdown catches were two of the more incredible grabs you'll ever see on a football field. If he doesn't make the Hall of Fame, it won't be because he wasn't an unreal pass catcher. The guy is simply incredible.

What do we never want to see/hear again?
Sorry, CBS, but if I have to endure another ridiculously unfunny promo for Two Broke Girls again during a broadcast, I'm going to vomit uncontrollably.

Key Moment of the Game
There were some huge plays in this game, but none more indicative of the type of season the Texans are having than the very first. Just seconds into the game, Harris was beat and his man stripped the ball from Keenum. The Cardinals trotted into the end zone for their first score. It was the kind of season the Texans have had in one play and it was ugly.

Game Balls: Andre Johnson
Seriously, can you recall a better catch at a more important time in recent history than his fourth-quarter grab in the end zone? The guy is simply one of the greats of the modern era and we are lucky to get to watch him play, even if so many of his exploits have come in losses.

DJ Swearinger
The rookie safety has been fantastic over the last couple of weeks. Not only did he grab his first pick of the season on Sunday, but he had a chance at a couple of others and was outstanding both in pass coverage and in handling the run. He is certainly coming into his own.

Goat of the Week: Ryan Harris
The Texans have never been able to settle on a right tackle since Eric Winston left for Arizona and they are still struggling. Harris got beaten often and the entire offensive line was brutal for most of the day.

Random thought of the week:
Despite Rick Dennison calling the plays and Wade Phillips calling the shots, did anyone else think the Texans looked very similar to when Gary Kubiak was on the sideline? It was eerily familiar and had a similar result.

Next Up: home for the Oakland Raiders
If there was ever an opportunity for the Texans to break this hideous losing streak, next week is it. Rookie Terrelle Pryor, who is one of the few bright spots for Oakland, has been hurt and playing poorly since coming out of the gate in fine fashion earlier this season. If the Texans are going to get a win before the end of the year, this might be one of their best bets.

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At least we don't have anymore Texan fans thinking they have a shot at the playoffs.  Perhaps, reality has finally taken hold.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Tequila & Tamale thing.  Hope to see you there.


As the broadcast mentioned a number of new faces/names, it seems obvious the Texans have conceded the season, and are looking at some of their bench players in a sort of post-pre-season eval.  It would be a shame if Bob McNair opted to keep either Kubiak or Phillips as head coach, and for those who cherish the memory of Bum Phillips and want Wade to take over, Mickey Herskowitz's writing on Bum would clear up a great many myths about the man.  New blood at coach please...

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