Zapruder Analysis of Dwight Howard's Analysis of His New Teammates

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Photo by Jeff Balke
Dwight has opinions.
We interrupt the obsessive Matt Schaub/Gary Kubiak coverage for some Rockets banter...

You guys are cool with this, right? I'm not sure if you remember, but our NBA team in town is relevant again!

(I'm saying this next paragraph in that prodding, "trying to remind you" voice tone.)

Remember? They had a huge offseason....where they signed the best center in rid of their first round pick who couldn't get on planes....the Rockets! You know them.

(And hopefully, you'll be able to see them. This TV stuff with Comcast is getting ugly, weird and hard to follow.)

Dwight Howard is here now to continue the Rockets' tradition of All-NBA big men -- Moses, Hakeem, Kelvin Cato, Yao and now Dwight. (Just making sure you're paying attention with Cato.)

And after a 2011-2012 season in Orlando, where he kind of ran himself out of town while undermining his head coach, and a 2012-2013 season in Los Angeles where he didn't get along with Kobe Bryant and was never really embraced (also, he was still somewhat injured), Houston is like the beach in Zihuatanejo at the end of Shawshank Redemption for Dwight.

Basketball paradise.

So how has the bonding gone so far with his new teammates?

Well, it would appear to be going swimmingly, thanks for asking!

Shortly after the contract signing ceremony and coronation of Dwight at the Toyota Center back in July, he and most of the rest of his new teammates jumped on a bird to LA to work out and spend a little quality bonding time together at In N Out Burger and the Apple Pan. (Admittedly, I may be projecting when I list the two "hot spots" where they hung out.)

This preseason, the Rockets are one of a handful of teams that get to travel outside the country for a couple of preseason games, spending the last week or so in the Philippines and Taipei, Taiwan. Again, this gave the young Rockets a chance to build chemistry, on the road in a strange land, albeit one that welcomed them all as if they were really, really tall versions of the Beatles.

So, after a full offseason with his new crew, and with the regular season just two weeks away, now is probably a good time to get Dwight's assessment of how he thinks this Rockets team compares talent-wise with his previous employers, specifically the 2009 Orlando Magic since that's Dwight's only team to make an NBA Finals.

Courtesy of a fine article by Josh Robbins from the Orlando Sentinel, here is his paraphrasing of Dwight's overview of the 2013-2014 Rockets as relates to the 2008-2009 Orlando Magic:

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