UH Quarterback's Career Over Due To Concussions

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Photo by Stephen Pinchback/Houston Athletics Communications
UH QB David Piland (5) with receiver Deontay Greenberry (3) in happier times
PBS aired a pretty damning and devastating documentary Tuesday night dealing with the NFL, concussions, and the impact of those concussions on the players. The NFL didn't want this documentary seen. It refused to cooperate with the reporters and producers, and strong armed ESPN into backing out of its cooperation with PBS and Frontline. The NFL's reluctance to cooperate was somewhat understandable, what with the evidence produced of it covering up medical facts, intimidating doctors and willful disregard for player safety.

On that same date that the documentary aired, the University of Houston announced that the career of red shirt junior quarterback David Piland was over. This was because of concussion injuries, and Piland's inability to pass the school's concussion protocol. The school acknowledged that Piland had suffered two concussions over the past two seasons, and it's possible that he had experienced more.

Football is a physical sport. Players face the prospect of a crippling injury every time they step on the field. But it's the concussion issue that has been climbing to the forefront, and which may be the most devastating of the injuries.

UH head coach Tony Levine said that Piland appeared to be outwardly okay. He could handle bright lights, his balance was fine, that he appeared to be mentally okay. Yet he could not pass the protocol, leaving the doctors with no choice to tell him not to play, and to retire.

"Starting quarterback David Piland has been going through our concussion management plan since he was injured in the first half of the game a few weeks ago against Temple," Levine said. "We've had extensive meetings, both he and I and certainly with our medical staff. Over the past few days, our medical staff has advised David Piland to no longer play football. This has not been easy, certainly on David and his family. Moving forward, he is going to definitely continue to be a part of our program, travel with the team, be at meetings, and be at practice. We are going to certainly support him in every way possible. He is a young man that has handled everything throughout his entire career here with class."

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