Jim Crane's Letter to Astros Season Ticket Holders

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Fight the good fight, Jimmy.
Correspondence matters. Not enough people tell other people how awesome they are these days in writing, mostly because it takes time and effort, and quite frankly, a lot of you are really lazy.

Jim Crane is a lot of things, but lazy isn't one of them.

And after a 2013 season in which the last win occurred the night before the Alabama-A&M game (which feels like it was like a year ago, right?), Crane realized that the most awesome people on earth are the ones who would spend their hard-earned dollar to watch a 111-loss team bumble their way through the season.

So on Thursday, he wrote them to tell them that.

Not a handwritten letter, mind you (those are the best!), although judging by crowds during the month of September at Minute Maid, it would not have been impractical. Banging out a few dozen letters in an evening while polishing off a sixpack of beer or nice bottle of wine? Very doable.

But Crane's a busy guy, so he took to the "blast e-mail" route to let season ticket holders all know they were so very special, so very incredibly patient and that his, nay THEIR team is on the cusp of doing some big things!

Here's the letter with my observations on the parts I've put in BOLD afterwards:

Dear Astros Season Ticket Holder,

On behalf of the entire Astros organization, I would, once again, like to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding support. We realize that this season had its share of disappointment, but you have stuck with us during this rebuilding process and we cannot begin to tell you how much you are appreciated. Your dedication will be rewarded. Better days are soon to come for the Astros. We are very confident about that.

As most of you know, when we purchased the ball club, we had a very clear plan for rebuilding this franchise and providing you with a consistent playoff caliber team. The most important and fundamental part of that plan was to build one of the top minor league systems in baseball. Now, after just two years, we have transformed what had been the worst farm system into one of the best. Six of our minor league clubs made the playoffs this season, with two of them winning championships. Our combined won-lost record for our minor league clubs was second-best in baseball.

None of us are happy with our Major League club's won-lost record. Believe me, we feel your frustration. We will make significant improvement in 2014. With the minor league system on track, our plan for rebuilding will now focus on an increasing payroll at the Major League club level. A significant aspect of team payroll is television revenue.

Regarding CSN, I'm sure you're aware that Comcast affiliates recently filed a petition requesting that the network be placed into bankruptcy. This was an improper filing by Comcast and, we believe, an attempt to force us to accept a deal that will have extremely negative consequences on the Astros for the next 20 years. This is a battle we must fight. You, as our fans, deserve to watch the games on television and you deserve to watch a playoff caliber team. We will continue to do everything we can to make sure to provide both of those things to you.

Thank you again for your loyalty and support.


Jim Crane
Owner and Chairman
Houston Astros

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Give him time.  He'll be screaming he'll move the team if his "demands" are not met...

Corey Mueller
Corey Mueller

I echo that sentiment.. Puts greed ahead of the fans..

Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson

Well he can eat a dick for blocking CSN Houston from being put on providers other than Comcast.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Crane is the captain of a sinking ship, laden with greed it's going under.

RoosterMcGee topcommenter

@gossamersixteen totally wrong!  He's done a great job on our farm system (which was the worst in MLB).  He did what he had to do with what he had. 

MadMac topcommenter

Yeah, that's what I want to drop $45/per ticket (and another $5 to park ) on--a great farm system and a pro squad that couldn't beat a beer-on-base senior league team. For the record, "what he had," is what he created in pursuit of the lowest payroll in baseball.

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