The Keystone Pipeline, Another Victim of the Shutdown

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The pipeline in question
It looks like the federal government will be back up and running soon, but the damage may already be done where the Keystone XL Pipeline is concerned. That's good news, bad news or that which doesn't much matter if you're against the pipeline, for it or politely indifferent, respectively.

The Keystone project is a pipeline that would tote bitumen, a sticky black viscous form of crude, more than 1,700 miles from the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. Environmentalists are against it because that type of oil is hard to clean up if there's a spill, and they're joined by landowners who hated -- go figure -- the company using eminent domain to put the line on their property. Those for it are either focused on the energy and the oil or the jobs that come with a pipeline. President Obama has been in the middle of all of this, neither completely killing the deal or endorsing it.

Since Canada really wants this whole thing to get going, and the Gulf Coast part of the pipeline is almost complete, it seemed like some kind of a decision would have been made right around now. However, that's where the government shutdown comes in.

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