The Definitive Summary Of The Houston Texans, Post-Letterman Jackets

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Yeah, c'mon man!
"I'll just say this -- for the past few weeks, the finger has been pointed in one direction a lot. But we sprung leaks all over the place today as a football team. We got our butt kicked as a football team." -- Gary Kubiak, post game after the Rams 38-13 decimation on Sunday

Gary Kubiak is right in one respect.

His quarterback (and at this point, I feel compelled to italicize his, for obvious reasons) has been a lighting rod for vitriol the last few weeks, from derision via hamburger ("Pick 6 Burger, anyone?") to derision in his driveway to, on Sunday afternoon, derision while injured. (And yes, that's the last mention in this space of fan reaction to Matt Schaub's getting hurt on Sunday.)

Each time, Kubiak has been quick to include the rest of the team in the blame game, almost going out of his way to remind all of us that there are 53 men on this here roster, even if most of them not named "Matt Schaub" were, y'know, doing their jobs correctly.

Unlike his quarterback.

So on Sunday, after the Texans had somehow found a way to lose a game in which they had double the yardage of their opponent, and not just lose but lose royally (38-13, your final), Kubiak unsolicitedly reminded everyone within the first eight seconds of his post game press conference that it was the team that screwed up on Sunday, not just Matt.

Thanks for the reminder, Gary.

Like a mother bear protecting her cub. Attached at the hip, falling into the abyss, down go the head coach and the quarterback.

You will read many tweets, blog posts, and columns over the next 24 hours (and probably already have), begging Bob McNair to fire Gary Kubiak, and as we roll along here together for the next six or seven minutes, my stance on that issue will become readily apparent.

There's not much left that needs to be said.

We all see the games every week. We see the aversion to change, the conservatism. We watch the definition of insanity play out right before our very eyes, we just never thought we'd have to pay $100 a ticket to see it up close.

Sometimes, you do things the same way over and over, and if you have a good process, the repetition pays off with success. Sometimes, you do things the same way over and over, and if you have a flawed process, it needs either some tweaks or some more repetition to yield success.

And sometimes, you do things the same way over and over for so long, and if you have a bad process, it's like your opponent is standing in your huddle, listening to your headsets, sitting in your meeting rooms.

The Texans have a bad process right now. Their opponents know exactly what's coming, the combination of a quarterback who has about three clubs in his golf bag of skills and a bad process being overseen and executed by a man who only knows one process. A man who has to have change practically forced upon him, like a young child being fed castor oil.

In every conceivable way, Texan fans, this is the bad time.

Less than a year ago, the Texans were 11-1 and heading to New England for a Monday night showdown with the Patriots. If you're looking for the week the Texans quickly and inexplicably turned into the confused mess that they are right now, there it was. And, by the way, if you want to partially blame those ridiculous letterman jackets that they wore on the road trip up there, let the record reflect, I am okay with that.

They were stupid, and somewhat symbolic of the lack of self awareness that this team had as a potential title contender. So let's start our statistical journey there, in New England, in December.

In letterman jackets.

It's the Fall of Kubiak, also known as Houston Texans, A.L.J. (After Letterman Jackets).

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Jonathan Palmarez
Jonathan Palmarez

It's still all good, we've got 10 games left. We're 1-0 in our division, and the Colts have a good chance of losing to the Broncos tomorrow night. So long as we take care of business in KC, we're in good shape. A lot of "fans" cried for a QB change, here it is. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


Great analysis. I'm not that proficient with football knowledge but even I figured out that things changed after that loss to New England last year. I was calling for Kubiak's head (to my friends) a while ago but that train really picked up speed after the SF game. SMH. I honestly thought he would have been driven out of town last week. But, hey, Go Texans! I'm still a fan. 


When analysis is this thorough, it's not criticism, it's documenting damnation.

Jesse Santillano
Jesse Santillano

Right on target! Some people love misery (blind faith) and hate it when we "fair weather" fans call it for what it is. I would have been fired at my job if I were performaing or better said not performing like these millionaires. It's ALL they've done their entire lives and they still can't get it right!!!!!!

Colby Jack
Colby Jack

Couldn't agree more with this article. The Texans are a fine team loaded with talent, but we have a B rate starting QB and a clueless head coach. It's like handing the keys of a stock car to Mister Magoo.

John Sczykutowicz
John Sczykutowicz

I'm a life long Lions fan. Suck it up Houston and stick with your team.

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