Texas Is Still on Top in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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EPA folks probably look at Texas like this

Across the nation, greenhouse gases actually declined last year, according to a federal report, but Texas still managed to stay on top.

Even Texas decreased in carbon dioxide emissions, but the Lone Star State still produces double the carbon dioxide of any other state, according to Associated Press.

To be fair, Texas a hell of a lot bigger than other states, and is home to many high-polluting facilities, such as power plants, petroleum refineries and chemical plants. Around here, it seems like there's also a lack of interest in doing anything that would make the federal Environmental Protection Agency folks the least bit happy (the state and federal regulatory agencies have been butting heads on everything the two agencies possibly could for the past few years.)

The EPA attributes the overall decline in greenhouse gas emissions to a shift from coal to natural gas and a drop in electricity production, according to AP. The findings are collected from more than 8,000 facilities required to report such emissions to the agency.

The Department of Energy reported last week a 3.8 percent drop in carbon dioxide emissions. Texas had decreased carbon dioxide emissions too, but not enough to stave off being awarded the dubious honor of still being top dog among the polluters. Maybe next year.

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Could it be because of all of the chemical plants and refineries we have here? Hmmmm, I wonder.



Some Republicans blame cow flatulence and human flatulence, you know, all the bean eatin  'illegal trespassers' (that's still a classic!)

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