Case Keenum Named Texans Starting Quarterback Again This Sunday

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Case Keenum is the man for the second game in a row
"Obviously, Matt's our starting quarterback. Case played this week because Matt wasn't healthy. Case went in and played extremely well." -- Gary Kubiak, 10/21/13

"Case will start this week." -- Gary Kubiak, 10/28/13

Ostensibly, if you take Gary Kubiak's quotes from his past two Monday press conferences at face value, you'd say that a lot can change in a week.

The fact of the matter is, like most NFL head coaches, Kubiak chooses his words carefully and is less about stark truthfulness with the media than he is about handling things internally a certain way with his players.

Therefore, it shouldn't be a major surprise that we found out yesterday that not only did Kubiak name Case Keenum the Houston Texans' starting quarterback for this Sunday night's game with the Indianapolis Colts, but that Keenum was actually informed of the decision (as was Matt Schaub) last Tuesday, the day after Kubiak told the world that Schaub was still "obviously" the starter.

I guess it wasn't all that obvious.

Kubiak expounded upon that on Monday:

"Actually, I talked to Case and Matt (Schaub), I think, Tuesday before I gave them their break and talked to the team this morning. But Case will start and hopefully we'll grow from last week. I thought he did some really good things. I thought we played some clean football and we're going to have to do that here down the road to improve. That's the way we started working today."

Considering that Schaub was still recovering from a nasty ankle injury over the bye week, Keenum's being named the starter for the Colts game shouldn't come as a major surprise. What was mildly startling, though, was that Kubiak was very open that this was a merit-based decision, not a medically based one:

"No, Matt's fine. Matt's fine and it's just the decision I made based on what I saw take place last week with Case and him taking advantage of an opportunity and I want to see him move forward. He's got to improve. He's definitely got to go and improve. With this football team we're playing, our football team's got to improve around him. Like I said, a decision for this week."

I say it was mildly startling because Kubiak has always been quick to take arrows for Matt Schaub and when questions are asked about a poor performance by his incumbent the last seven seasons, Kubiak is quick to include every other Texan collectively on the "needs to improve" list.

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No pressure on him tho!

Raymond Guy LaFauci
Raymond Guy LaFauci

Cheer on future brain damaged warriors. Don't forget to suit your kids up, nothing says legacy quite like a permanent brain injury.

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