Nolan Ryan Is Pitching Water in This Year's Election

A home run or a no hitter?
Voters may not have the foggiest idea what exactly Proposition 6 is, but the Water Texas PAC is betting that they'll recognize Nolan Ryan.

Proposition 6 is that tricky kind of election stuff, a proposition for a constitutional amendment that will allow the state to draw $2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund to provide loans and funding to cities and other municipalities to update state water infrastructure. It seems the folks behind this proposition -- it stands to benefit both the cities and industry that will need water supplies in the coming years -- don't entirely trust that voters understand what they mean.

Well, the answer is obvious: If you want to gather a little support around something, get Nolan Ryan on it.

We love him in Houston in spite of his time with the Rangers, they love him in Dallas in spite of his time with the Astros, and he's pretty well admired across the rest of the state because he's Nolan Ryan.

The Water Texas PAC is likely attempting to trade on that -- if Ryan is for it, who can be against it, after all -- by having Ryan appear in a brief spot urging people to vote in favor of the proposition.

"This November you have the chance to preserve one of our most precious resources -- water," Ryan says at the beginning of the 32-second spot.

There's footage of flowing water, and possibly some amber waves of grain, thrown in for good measure.

They even gave him a catchy slogan to wrap it all up.

"Don't let the tap run dry. Protect our water supply. Vote yes for Proposition 6," Ryan said, looking into the camera.

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