More JFK Assassination "Swag" Hits the Auction Block as Anniversary Approaches

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No, it's actually the car he rode in right before he rode in this one
We're rolling up on the 50th anniversary of the assassination, so of course everyone in possession of items with any tie whatsoever to the death of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, is coming out of the woodwork and popping their stuff up on the auction block.

We all know about the infamous 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible that Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy and Gov. Connally rode in as they motored through Dallas, but there was actually another car that made a very small appearance that day, and now it can be yours.

Before JFK climbed into the dark blue cabriolet (cabriolets were banned by the Secret Service after the assassination) the group climbed into a different car, a white 1963 Lincoln convertible, as they rode around Fort Worth that morning. The president and Jackie Kennedy then boarded a plane to fly from Fort Worth to Dallas, but they'd spent just enough time in the car to make it memorabilia.

Now the owner is putting the car up on the auction block. The Lincoln has been restored and bidding starts off at $50,000.

If that's not exactly within your price range and you've a hankering to own a bit of history, or whatever, it turns out there's an entire auction of stuff tied to either JFK, his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald or Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby.

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