Gambling! NBA 2013-2014 Season Win Total Futures Bets!

Photo by Marco Torres
A lot of people are betting on the Rockets.
In the wagering world, there's a reason (well, several, but one big one) why football betting is so popular.

Since 98 percent of the action occurs on Saturday and Sunday, there's a built-in moderation and containment to football's action where (a) it largely doesn't infringe on the average Joe's workweek (at least not too much) and (b) the chances of a "wagering overdose" are at least somewhat curtailed.

NBA regular season game-to-game betting is the opposite. It's every night, it's a longer season and at least a couple of hours of your work day can be spent trying to unearth an edge on, say, Charlotte at Orlando.

The dichotomy between football and basketball betting is a microcosm of the generally accepted view on the part of most sane people that "four days in Vegas is plenty." People who espouse that view? They don't bet basketball. Nightly basketball betting over an 82-game season is liquefied crack with Red Bull. People who bet basketball nightly could spend their entire lives in Vegas. In fact, many do.

"But I like basketball, Sean! And I know basketball, Sean! I think I can make some money betting it, Sean!" you say.

Okay, then, here's what I say...

1. No, you can't. That's just my general answer to anyone who says he can make money betting. The palatial hotels in Vegas are proof that I'll be right with more of you than I will be wrong. (Unless you've been going opposite of my "Best Bets" in football this season, in which case you've probably purchased a small island in the Caribbean by now.)

2. Okay, well then, for your own sanity, let's do something a little more sensible. Mutual funds make more sense than day trading, right? Let's find some long-term basketball investments that fit your portfolio and threshold for risk exposure. (I almost sounded smart there for a second!)

Let's do season bets!

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