Fan Fighting League! Philly Fan Invades Tampa (w/ VIDEO)

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A few bad apples spoil the bunch.

For the past three weeks, as a collective fan base, Houston Texans fans have been labeled as a bunch of delusional, intrusive, bloodthirsty animals. And why? Because a few idiots burned a Matt Schaub jersey, a couple of kids put a FOR SALE sign in his yard and, finally, a few thousand morons cheered when he went down in a heap with a leg injury on Sunday against the Rams.

Each of these actions got the usual "molehill to mountain" conversion treatment by the national media, handed down the assembly line, from Twitter to newspaper columns to First Take to PTI. And all of them painted every Houston Texans fan with the same huge broad brush.

Never mind that Reliant is the only NFL stadium I've been to that plays a two-minute video before each game imploring the fans to display proper behavior, including "no foul language." In the eyes of the national media, you're savages, Texans fans.

Now, here in Houston we all know this couldn't be further from the truth, and I think sometimes we need a reminder as to what actual barbaric fans look like. Thankfully, Philadelphia Eagles fans went on the road this week, which is always a solid recipe for inebriated brawling to ensue.

Indeed, they went to Tampa and did not disappoint.

For the first time in a long time, we reprise the Fan Fighting League, complete with Zapruder analysis! Behold, a solitary Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan defending his home turf against a bunch of jersey-clad, belligerent Eagle fans:

Pretty solid effort on several fronts. Let's break this bad boy down. First, a roster of the vital participants:

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Dodd Melcher
Dodd Melcher

Rowdy! Maybe it's lack of oxygen way up there?

Jeffrey Aiello
Jeffrey Aiello

I think people are "looking down their noses" at #Texans fans because they cheered when a player (from the Texans in this case) was injured. Truly #reprehensible behavior by any fan. All Houstonians and/or Texan fans should be truly ashamed. those who cheered should be injured by some Texans players before the start of the next game! as their familes watch on!

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