Voting Is...Easier When You Do It Early

Planning on voting early in Houston? There are only two days left to do so and on November 5 you can ONLY vote in the precinct you are assigned to. When time is against you, waiting until the last minute to vote could be worse than trying to find this year's IT toy during a Black Friday sale.

With that in mind, I stopped by Ripley House Neighborhood Center (4410 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003) yesterday evening on my way home from the office. It has been my favorite near-downtown (and near home) Early Voting Location for many years. Last night was no exception. I was in and out in no time.

"I have voted early in the past at the Fiesta on S. Main, the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center (1475 W. Gray), and at the Bayland Park Community Center (6400 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77074)," says local artist Finijo. "I had good experiences at all of them. Length of lines depends on what its on the ballot whether it its a presidential election or not, but its always faster than what I experience during election day voting."

All photos by Abrahán Garza

Each location varies in staff and volunteers. "I voted yesterday, only took about five minutes. The volunteers were very friendly and helpful. I always vote early to avoid a long election-day line," says teacher Darlene Campos of her experience at the Harris County Sheriff Office storefront on Franz Road in Katy.

No lines at Ripley Houston during the final hour of early voting on Tuesday night.

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