Whodunit? The Great Chris Duhon Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter Case

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Douche dings Duhon?
When someone is involved in a car accident, there is a certain etiquette to how you treat the story. On Saturday night, former Duke/Chicago/New York/Orlando/Laker point guard Chris Duhon was involved in a car accident inside an Orlando parking garage.

Well, it wasn't so much an accident as it was a sociopath who got into an argument with Duhon (who was on foot at the time), and then proceeded to splatter him with his car as if Duhon were Player No. 1 of a game of Frogger.

So before I could fully report on it (the way that I want to), I needed to make sure Duhon survived (CHECK!) and wasn't seriously injured (a few bumps and bruises, so CHECK!). All good on both fronts.

So now, on with the post!

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the story, courtesy of MyFoxOrlando.com:

FOX 35 News Orlando

(The best part of the video footage, by the way, occurs at the 57-second mark, when they splice in some random civilian saying "Pretty scary" for like one-tenth of a second. WOW. That really added to the report. I mean, I was scared, don't get me wrong, but because Random Orlando Civilian No. 34,516 thinks that it's "pretty scary," now I have to question whether I even leave the fucking house. Damn you, Fox.)

In case the video isn't rolling, here are the highlights of the Duhon story in writing:

According to the police report, Duhon and his brother-in-law, Julio Hernandez, were walking on the level 2C of the parking garage when the driver of a black Lexus started honking at them to get out of the way.

Hernandez told police as the Lexus passed by, the driver rolled down his window and some words were exchanged. Then, police said driver stopped, got out of his car and argued face-to-face with Duhon.

Hernandez told officers that he separated the driver and Duhon and that he and Duhon kept on walking and the suspect got back into his car. As Duhon and Hernandez got about twenty feet away from the Lexus, Hernandez told police the driver accelerated towards them. Hernandez said he was able to get out of the way, but Duhon was hit.

According to the report, Duhon landed on the hood of the car and his head hit the front windshield. The former Magic player was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center by ambulance.

Police said when they questioned Duhon about the incident, he didn't remember anything. They said he plans on pressing charges against the driver of the black Lexus if he is caught.

Hernandez told FOX 35 by phone that Duhon was able to walk out of the hospital later that night.

Officers are investigating this as an aggravated battery.

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