What Does Your Texas Drought Look Like? Now You Can See Documentary Photos From Across the State

Photo by © Pete Romfh/Courtesy Texas Parks & Wildlife
Olney Pond in Brazoria

Amid all the harsh reality, there is a strange, eerie beauty to a new photo exhibit going up in Austin at the state capitol this week.

Part of the "What does your Texas look like?" campaign, the photography exhibit shows the heavy toll the extended drought has taken across our state. Lake beds are empty or reduced to near-northingness.

"This current Texas drought, which started in 2010, has proven in many ways to be our worst drought in history," Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples told us. "Each Texan has experienced the drought's ferocity in different ways and these agencies are joining forces to collect and share these stories with other Texans, as well as for the historical record for future generations to appreciate the importance of drought preparedness and proactive, voluntary water conservation. It takes a commitment from all Texans to ensure there is sufficient water for future generations. We know citizen-led conservation efforts are our best alternative to mandated restrictions that can hurt our economy."

Texas Parks & Wildlife shared with the Houston Press just six of all the images that will be in place Monday October 28 through Friday November 1 on the second floor extension, Central Gallery of the State Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue.

Photo by © Aaron Bates/Courtesy Texas Parks & Wildlife
Dry lake bed on north end of Lake Buchanan, Colorado River

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