#BeWell: Former Rocket Royce White Cut By The Philadelphia 76ers

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How do you know you're a shitty employee? When your employer agrees to pay your salary and give up another player just to have another team take you off of their hands, that's a pretty good indicator.

Clearly, the issues with the Rockets were not just White's anxiety impeding his ability to get on the floor but the whimsical and cavalier manner with which he went about his business, oftentimes publicly calling out the team for their handling of him and jousting with fans who grew impatient with his act.

As a Sixer, White was actually able to get on the floor this preseason, but struggled with conditioning and defense. The "high point" of White's preseason was probably a few nights ago when he managed to foul out of a game against the Cavaliers in 17 minutes.

That's not easy to do.

Nor is it easy to get cut by a team that will likely challenge the record for fewest wins in a season, but White managed to do that, too.

So now Royce White, armed with one wasted season and one unsuccessful training camp, heads back to the waiver wire, likely awaiting a D-League assignment. I was about to type "or a call from overseas," but if you don't want to get on a plane to Golden State, I would imagine it'd be an issue getting on a plane to Greece.

So as Royce White continues to live down to the hype commensurate with the number 500 player in the league, it behooves him to get his act together. After all, those baby mommas aren't gonna pay for themselves.

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Terrence Persaud
Terrence Persaud

Man, Bob Marley said you can get to Babylon by Bus. So, he could probably make it to Libya or some place on the news?


Someone smarter than me, 'splain me.  Why could the Sixers cut White but the Rockets had to trade him away to a team that could?  Are first-round contracts not guaranteed any more after a trade?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@JimWC It says above that the Rox agreed to pay his salary, so I assume that meant his guaranteed salary was paid by the Rockets prior to the trade.

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