#BeWell: Former Rocket Royce White Cut By The Philadelphia 76ers

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About a month or so ago, ESPN.com put out their list of the top 500 players in the NBA. As the league in season has only 450 players cumulatively on all the rosters, to get to 500 you had to have some real scrubs on that list.

And they did. Among the names dotting the latter portion of the 400's were Dexter Pittman, Tim Olbrecht, and something called a Vitor Faverani.

But there could only be one number 500, and that honor went to former Rocket and then current 76er Royce White.

Well, yesterday, we fulfillment occurred as the Sixers validated White's number 500 ranking by cutting him before the start of the season.

White's stint in the league has been highly turbulent up to this point, largely because of anxiety issues that forced White to eschew air travel and, in turn, miss games. He spent a large chunk of his rookie year hanging out in his bathrobe at his home in Houston refusing to play. White eventually accepted a D-League assignment to Rio Grande for about a month before returning to Houston to "work out on his own."

Thankfully, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, as he had done a few other times, managed to undo one of the few unproductive transactions of his tenure constructing the Rockets, as he was able to unload White (who was the 16th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft) on his former apprentice and new Philadelphia GM Sam Hinkie on the same day that Dwight Howard agreed to become a Houston Rocket.

Essentially, Morey bubble wrapped White, stapled the rights to Furkan Aldemir to one of White's ears, stapled a check for White's 2013-2014 salary to the other ear and the Sixers sent back a token second round pick in return, a pick that was top 55 protected.

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Terrence Persaud
Terrence Persaud

Man, Bob Marley said you can get to Babylon by Bus. So, he could probably make it to Libya or some place on the news?


Someone smarter than me, 'splain me.  Why could the Sixers cut White but the Rockets had to trade him away to a team that could?  Are first-round contracts not guaranteed any more after a trade?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@JimWC It says above that the Rox agreed to pay his salary, so I assume that meant his guaranteed salary was paid by the Rockets prior to the trade.

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