Best of Houston® 2013: Rest of the Best - Houston Texans Edition

Photos by Groovehouse
Andre Johnson: Always on our top 10 list.
A lot can change in just over two weeks. Two weeks ago, Matt Schaub was the Texans "best" quarterback. Two weeks ago, Brian Cushing's knee wasn't mangled from a vicious hit. Two weeks ago, Danieal Manning wasn't out with a mysterious "leg" injury. Even Owen Daniels was still playing, though he should return. Also, the Texans season was still worth salvaging. Today, not so much.

Without questions, when taking a look at our Best Texan category from this year's Best of Houston®, there are names that will be left off either due to ineptitude or season-ending injury. It makes for a tough situation for the team but a much more interesting list of players for our Rest of the Best.

Note: Players like Manning and Cushing won't make the list because they are done for the year and Daniels doesn't make it because he will miss most of the season. Also, no Case Keenum because his body of work is only four quarters. Now, ask us this question again after the Indy game, and you could get a different answer.

10. Shane Lechler

Holy crap, you guys, there's a punter on our top 10 list! As awful as special teams have been all season, punter Shane Lechler has been money, often pinning opponents deep within their own end of the field. At one point a few games ago, it could have been argued (not successfully, but still) that he was the season MVP for the team thus far.

9. Chris Meyers

The offensive line has been just average this year, but you can't blame it on Meyers who is a stead as a rock at the center position. Even with three different quarterbacks rotating through the lineup, I can't recall a single mishandled snap, which is remarkable.

8. Antonio Smith

The "Ninja Assassin" has 2.5 sacks through today, which isn't remarkable, but his tough play inside remains a strength of the defense. He also should make the all-quote team with his candor even after difficult losses. It will be tough to keep Smith next year when they will need his cap space, but they should try for the quotes alone.

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