BATTLE-DRINK, Week 6: Last Schaub Standing

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I finally finished watching Breaking Bad this week. I was about three years late to the party in watching the show, and then a week or two late in watching the series finale.

I don't know if Breaking Bad wrests the title of "Best Series Ever" from The Sopranos for me yet. Rewatchability is a huge thing in my ratings system and obviously I've only watched Breaking Bad once, but it's certainly in the conversation.

I will say this -- it is the series that most left me wanting more, like it was still peaking when it ended.

And as I put this week's BATTLE-DRINK card together, I couldn't help but think that, from a BATTLE-DRINKing perspective, Matt Schaub of the last couple weeks is a lot like Walter White in those final few episodes -- on a severe downward spiral, while squaring all of his personal business by making his detractors die (In Matt's case, his detractors die from alcohol poisoning inflicted by his mistakes. In White's case, they die from the remote control machine gun in the trunk of his car.)

Let's hope that Sunday ends better than Breaking Bad for all of us, including Matt. Now, let's take a look at the additions to this week's card:

B4: Promo for "FOX Sports 1"
Interconference game in an AFC venue so the NFC network (FOX) gets the game. FOX Sports 1 is, of course, the all-sports network that just launched around the beginning of football season, so I would imagine that heavy cross promotion is still part of the plan.

I1: Andre punch landed on Finnegan
Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan hate each other, so for those of you more interested in the undercard of the game than the game itself, just know that there's an outside chance that it may not happen. Finnegan is dealing with a thigh injury, and Andre is supposedly a game time decision because of a shin bruise. So we may have to live with the video below being the final street fight between the two of them, which I suppose means Andre retains the title:

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