49ers 34, Texans 3: Mad Matt Beyond Schauberdome

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Ok, panic.
If anyone thought last week's loss to Seattle was rock bottom, think again. That loss was a mere night in the drunk tank. Sunday night in San Francisco for the Texans was more like having your stomach pumped after being found unconscious covered in your own vomit. In one week, the Texans went from needing to cut back on that third glass of wine weeknights to a full-blown heroin addiction that requires an intervention that ends in, "I don't need friends! I've got my smack!"

If you think I'm being overly dramatic, keep in mind that on the first throw of the game, three plays into Sunday Night Football, Matt Schaub threw an interception for a touchdown, his fourth pick six in as many weeks breaking an NFL record. He recorded two other interceptions in the game and should have had a fourth picked off before he was mercifully sent to the bench in favor of T.J. Yates. In fact, it was so bad that NOT benching Schaub could have classified as cruel and unusual punishment for the Texans' starting QB, never mind his teammates or the fans.

This is not to say Yates is the starting quarterback next Sunday. There is a fairly good chance neither Yates nor third-string QB Case Keenum are legit NFL starting quarterbacks, but it's gotten so bad for Schaub, Gary Kubiak must consider it. If and when Schaub does return, it's hard to imagine he or his teammates will have much confidence in his ability to get it done any longer.

But, as bad as Schaub was, there was plenty of blame to go around.

What went right: The Running Game

Arian Foster ran for 98 yards and 4.7 yards per carry. Ben Tate had his moments as well, despite yet ANOTHER fumble, but Foster is rounding into midseason form. The offensive line did a good job opening holes, but credit Foster for finding them and exploding through the line. His vision was stellar and he looked like the guy we saw two seasons ago.

Runner Up: Overall, despite the final score, the defense was very good. Colin Kaepernick only managed six completions in the ENTIRE GAME -- not in a quarter or a half, a whole game. Minus a 26-yard carry, Frank Gore only ran for 55 yards and the rest of the backs for SF didn't fare much better.

What went wrong: Ed Reed

I don't want to go on beating up on Schaub. It's like abusing a declawed kitten. But, it seems much easier to take shots at a future Hall of Famer who, it would appear, took the Texans to the cleaners this offseason. His hip injury appears more and more like a hip replacement surgery because Reed looks old...like really old. When he was beat late in the game by Vernon Davis, I swear I heard him yell, "Get off my lawn you damn kids" while waving his cane at the 49er bench.

What must improve: Turnovers

The Texans turn the ball over a lot and don't take the ball away almost ever. After last night, they are now -8 in turnovers for the year, 29th in the entire NFL. It's an embarrassing stat that puts them among the worst of the worst teams in the league. Unless they begin forcing turnovers or Schaub miraculously stops throwing picks, their record will soon be in the neighborhood of those miserable teams who rank with them in this category.

Runner up: Everything else, but honestly, can the special teams get any worse? While Trindon Holiday, a castoff from the Texans, has become one of the best return men in the NFL, the Texans muddle along with mediocre returners, a kicker no one can trust at this point and coverage that is beyond awful. If not for stud punter (yes, I put those two words together) Shane Lechler, special teams would have zero redeeming value.

What should stay the same: Defensive Intensity in the second half.

Give the D credit. They came out on fire in the second half and played possessed. This is not to say they don't play hard much of the time. Any team with JJ Watt is going to have a high motor, but they did everything possible to keep the game save force some turnovers.

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Ed Reed is The Carlos Lee of the Texans, thankfully his contract isn't as crippling.  OLD, past his prim vet getting by on name only.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

ppl need to boycott the next few home. games and just stay home


Kubiak is in full bunker mentality.  Much like poor old Tom Landry with the QB controversy between Gary Hogaboom and Danny White, Landry only benched the ineffective White out of desperation but was relieved by the injury suffered by Gary to be able to reinstate the floundering White.  When a coach emotionally invests in a player, the blinders go on and the commonsense goes off.  Right now it's like having Marty Schottenheimer and Bernie Kosar in town.  While some will scream for McNair to fire Kubiak, all that would do is open the door to having Wade Phillips promoted.  That would thrill old Bum Phillips fans, but wouldn't do anything to help the Texans given Wade's performance as head coach at each of his stops in the NFL.  Hopefully McNair fires Kubiak at the end of the season along with Ric Smith and brings in real talent in football management.

jeffbalke topcommenter

@Puller58 Oddly, I don't really have an issue with Rick Smith at the moment. Other than not drafting an heir apparent to Schaub (and that may have not been a decision he COULD make), his record is solid. Like most GMs, he's made blunders and he's had successes. But he's been more on the plus than the minus side of that equation.


@jeffbalke @Puller58 My feeling is that if Smith can come up with a good case for McNair on how he'd "right the ship", fine.  I just found his comment at the beginning of the season about Schaub needing to play better akin to "Hey, I like MY job!"  But in any case, this should be the finale for the Kubiak experiment.  He can go work for Shanahan again. 

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