[VIDEO] Farewell to Macy's, aka the Foley's Building

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The building was architect Kenneth Franzheim's best known work and he won an Award of Merit from the American Institute of Architects in 1950. The original six-story Foley's Department Store building was updated to 10 stories in 1957. The Houston landmark came down at about 7:32 a.m. on Sunday, September 22nd after a series of booms that shook several downtown blocks. Macy's closed it's doors in downtown in March.


To view more photos of the implosion, check out our slideshow: Macy's Falls on the First Day of Fall.

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I was so sad on Sunday.  That place held so many memories for me.  As a little girl, my mom would take my brothers and sister and I to Foleys during Christmas time, to look at the window displays. It was a ritual for us, every year.  Then, to support myself through U of H, I worked at Foleys for six years, until I graduated.  I remember the old LC Cafeteria in the basement and watching the parades from inside the store, when I was working (or supposed to be) Good times were had there, for sure. 

Hilda Marceleno
Hilda Marceleno

But if I was downtown I would take a detour to see the hot older man in the windooww.. boo. no more eye candy.

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