Seahawks 23, Texans 20: Congratulations, You've Been Schaubed

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Don't panic...yet.
I'm not generally a fan of doomsday predictors. I like them only marginally less than rose-colored glasses wearers. I tend to prefer reality and the reality is the Texans have a serious problem. Before you start shouting the name of the current starting quarterback or the perfect-haired play caller on the sidelines, let me suggest to you that the problem is, instead, un-reality.

After a miserable overtime loss to arguably the best team in football (in truth, no one would win that argument if the other option was Denver right now, but still), caused in no small part by a horrible decision by the QB on an abysmal play call in the fourth quarter, the answers were as plain and simple as one could imagine. Gary Kubiak made a bizarre and ridiculous call. Matt Schaub threw one of the most idiotic passes you will ever see a quarterback make. Both accepted blame and both will continue on tomorrow. Therein lies the problem.

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest members of the asylum, your Houston Texans. Next week, they will trot out the same schemes, the same rigid adherence to a failed game plan, the same shell of a quarterback and try to tell us they just have to "play their game" and "take what the defense gives them" and everything will be OK. If we believe that, we are crazier than they are.

For now, on to the discussion of the latest debacle.

What went right: The Running Game

This is the first time I can put those words next to "right" this season. Arian Foster finally looks fully healthy. He put up 171 total yards of offense -- 102 rushing on 27 carries and 6 catches for 69 yards -- and a touchdown. While his 3.8 yards per carry was low, it didn't reflect the impact he had on the field, particularly early on. Even Ben Tate was running well until he coughed up another fumble and was promptly sent to Kubiak's dog house, which has plenty of room since the main guy who should be in there was the one throwing the ball. Foster's improvement was encouraging. They'll need more of it.

Runner Up: JJ Watt's bloody nose was the hit of the day online and on TV. That bloody nose was all over the field and made plenty of room for guys like Whitney Mercilus, who had 2.5 sacks. Way to go, bloody nose.

What went wrong: The Second Half

Up 20-3 in the third quarter only to lose 23-20, the Texans went 8 possessions in the second half without a single score. Pass protection was good, but Seattle wasn't fooled -- much like the Ravens last week -- by any of Kubiak's schemes. It's as if they naked bootleg has no chance of working ever again.

What must improve: Schaubiak

If these two were in the second grade, their teacher would have separated them by now because the science project they concocted -- a baking soda volcano -- blew a hole in the back wall of the room and killed the foreign exchange student and yet they insisted on trying it one more time.

Runner up: Containment was an issue all day against the very talented and agile Russell Wilson. Too often, the Texans lost contain, which let Wilson get free and pick up yards and key first downs. If guys like Brooks Reed think Wilson was tough, wait until next week and Colin Kaepernick.

What should stay the same: O-Line Play

Give it to the offensive line. They were short their best player and they still had a very good game against one of the best defenses in football. Schaub was sacked four times, but overall protection was good and they opened running lanes for Foster.

Runner up: Speaking of the running game, there definitely needs to be more of that in the weeks ahead.

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Schaub and Kubiak remind me of Sam Wyche and Boomer Essiason.  Not because they are "like" those two, but that they mirror each other.  Wyche and Essiason were mercurial personalities and the team reflected that uneveness.  Schaub and Kubiak are shy, introverted and uncomfortable in their jobs.  (After losses, they both turn into mumblng Melvins who look like they'd like to run out of the room rather than face the music.)  Schaub has taken enough injuries to make him panic in the pocket which is what led to the pick six.  Kubiak stubbornly clings to the offensive playcalling despite its lack of success.  Sorry fans, this team is snakebit.

Shanna Bonana-Butler
Shanna Bonana-Butler

Yes it was a set back, Schaub made some bad decisions, but we can still get it together and do this!

Molly Gray
Molly Gray

Great recap loyal fan but gotta get "this" fixed. Texans are too good to do this time and time again each week...

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