Rosh Hashanah vs New Year's Eve: Wanna Blow My Ram's Horn?

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Let's party like it's 5773!
At sundown tonight, Jews worldwide will gather in their synagogues to watch an old dude blow through a hollowed-out ram's horn, and then amble over to the nearest creek to throw in pieces of bread. Afterwards, they'll dip apple slices in honey. This is how the Chosen Folks traditionally kick off the Hebrew new year (which is 5773, for anyone keeping score).

In case you weren't aware, Rosh Hashanah is kind of a big deal. It's the day God opens his dog-eared copy of the Book of Life and gets his judgment on. The ten-day period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is for repenting, so that Jews can make it into the aforementioned Book for one more year. (God seems pretty liberal when it comes to this whole atonement thing, because we know a lot of jackasses who keep making it into the Book for some reason. But we digress).

So how does Rosh Hashanah stack up to goyische New Year's Eve? Let's take a look.

Graphic by Monica Fuentes.

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This "article" is such a disgrace with its inaccuracies that as soon as I post this, I'll cancel my subscription. If this indicative of what The Press publishes then goodbye and good riddance

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