Rice Kicker Chris Boswell Makes Viral Legend Bid With Crazy Onsides Kick

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He must be in some advanced physics class at Rice to figure out that crazy kick.
If you know anything about the culture of a football team, then you know that the specialists (kicker, punter, long snapper) on any team, MOST of the time, are on a bit of an island.

Hey, it's only natural, after all, most of them are the same size and body type (what up, Sebastian Janikowski?) as the average fan, very few of them crave or even engage in any physical contact on the field, and some of them don't even speak English (que pasa, Zendejas family?).

In rare and extreme cases, the specialists are actually frowned upon by teammates and coaches. My brother (a converted soccer player) was a kicker at Notre Dame and every time he'd try to talk to some of his friends on the offensive line during stretching, head coach Lou Holtz would yell "HEY PRENDERGRAST...STOP FRATERNIZING WITH THE ATHLETES!!"

(Two things: a) Harsh! and b) Holtz could never, ever pronounce our last name right. Ever.)

Hell, Adam Sandler even penned, sang, and played guitar on a four minute tribute to the tortured existence of kickers titled "Lonesome Kicker," captured in this hilarious video:

By the way, how have we not seen anyone with a Steelers "8 KRISTACOVITCHLALINSKI, JR." jersey?

Anyway, my point is, life as a specialist, particularly a kicker, where the weight of the world and the welfare of your team rides on the thunder and precision in your right (or left) leg, can be a pretty harrowing lifestyle. Just ask Randy Bullock, who went from "Texans kicker for the next decade" after a game winner against the Chargers in Week 1 to "Fat Randy Bullock" after three misses against the Titans in Week 2. It can change on a kicker that fast. One week.

So when kickers do something cool, especially having had a family member who performed these nerve wracking duties, I feel the need to point it out and give them some accolades.

Which brings me to Rice kicker and Groza Award candidate Chris Boswell.

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Tony Gutierrez
Tony Gutierrez

That was total bad-assery...glad the Coogs survived with a win.

Rebecca Ellen
Rebecca Ellen

I don't know a whole lot about football but your blog posts never fail to make me giggle and I even learn stuff, too. Great piece.

Ryan Cope
Ryan Cope

Interesting. I've been working on that kick for awhile. It comes from a sneaky soccer kick. Where the leg and direction point the opposite way. It is truly a last millisecond directional change and an outer nick. A nick, at best. Exceptionally tough with a hand egg. But doable and predictable with enough practice.


Nice article SP

I've always despised noted rug-wearer Lou Holtz and your personal anecdote confirms this.


I love the Gramatica fail.  "Don't pull a Gramatica!"

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