Did Michael Brown Rape an Unconscious Woman on His Yacht? No One at Brown Medical Center is Talking

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Enough's enough, guys.
Six weeks after troubled ex-surgeon Michael Brown's former right-hand man accused him of sexually assaulting a woman and paying employees to keep mum, it does not appear that anyone affiliated with the Brown Medical Center has reported the allegations to authorities.

The allegation surfaced in a civil suit filed August 13 by Ray von Proctor, who was let go from the Brown Medical Center last week. Von Proctor claimed that "two female employees of Dr. Brown produced statements alleging that Dr. Brown sexually assaulted an unconscious woman on his boat in the presence of others."

Von Proctor did not respond to the Houston Press's repeated attempts to confirm if he reported the alleged crime. His lawyer, Ellen Sprovach, told us shortly after the case was filed that she assumed he did, but wouldn't provide any documentation, and didn't seem too interested in finding out for sure. (After all, it's just a rape, right?).

David Grange, the retired and decorated U.S. army general now overseeing Brown's empire, also ignored the Press's attempts to learn if Grange confronted von Proctor in person, or went to authorities himself.

Tim Heinemann, Grange's associate at the North Carolina-based Osprey Global Solutions, only told us "We cannot comment as it concerns an ongoing investigation and pending litigation." (Grange and his team have been paid nearly $1.3 million in six months for their "restructuring" efforts, according to papers filed in a Miami bankruptcy court by one of Brown's attorneys).

Von Proctor did not identify the employees as working for Brown Hand Center in Houston, or Brown's shell company, Promed, in Florida. (All Promed employees, including Jeff, Ruth Gonzalez, Sharon McMillan, were notified by Grange that "we are no longer able to fund any personnel in Florida," according to court papers). Geiger, Gonzales, and McMillan did not return the Press's repeated requests to see if any of them notified authorities in Miami, where Brown owned two yachts, one of which appears to be where the alleged offense occurred.

Brown's former assistants Rose Salas and Misty Wilcox, who still work at the Brown Hand Center, also declined to discuss if any employees have knowledge of a rape and took money to stay quiet.

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Well, Brown's problems are over after today's ( Nov 8th, 2013 ) events in Florida But it boggles the mind to think of the amount of problems and number of people involved in the ongoing drama. I guess Brown was a wunderkind, even among Bi-Polar cases. I have known B-P people and they can be difficult and are often troubled. But Brown was in a league of his own it seems.


Hey Craig.....what about today's outcome in Florida?  Brown's companies taken over by bankruptcy court????

Brian Burch
Brian Burch

I wouldn't put it past this guy,, Such a POS,,,,

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