UPDATED: Michael Brown Gets 30 Days in Federal Slammer

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Former hand-surgeon/wife-beater Michael Brown has been sentenced to 30 days in a federal penitentiary for choking several stewardesses aboard a British Airways flight in January. He'll get two years of supervised release afterwards, with mandatory mental health treatment and substance abuse evaluation.

More in a bit.

UPDATE: U.S. District Court Judge Donald Graham handed down the sentence Wednesday afternoon after rejecting a plea agreement between Brown and federal prosecutors.

Brown was ordered to report to Miami authorities on October 25. He was also fined $5,000 -- which is way less than he allegedly spent on strippers in Houston every month.

According to the sentencing minutes, Brown "apologized to the Court and asked for Mercy and that he would like to not...be sentenced to custody because of his children."

Oy freakin' vey.

We're not yet sure what effect -- if any -- this will have on the future of his companies, which have continued to hemorrhage funds under the control of "chief restructuring officer" David Grange. Doctors working for Brown Medical Center had their salaries cut by 50 percent this month, according to a memo from BMC Chief Operating Officer Robert Calamia.

But Brown oughta look on the bright side: maybe now he'll have some much-needed quiet time to crank out more sex-advice letters to his daughter.

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John Hodges
John Hodges

Now he gets to be "Daddy's baby girl" in the Federal Pen.... LOL


Not to worry, he doesn't know what's coming.....he only thinks he got away once more.  LOL


I hope he rots in there so he won't ever come back out.  Ugh!!!!

David Norelid
David Norelid

Do you think he went under his own knife and upgraded his hand? Like he gave himself a bionic pimp hand to choke out a flight attendant.


OH PALEEEZE!!!!!  because of his children???  You are kidding right?  Is that why he will probably loose all custody to his wife on Monday when the divorce is granted? The caring father he is already loss all custody of his other two children. What a good performance once again by Michael Brown....so tell me....anyone shedding any tears?  30 days should have been  30 years!  When are the courts going to put this dangerous man away as he deserves to be before he hurts anyone else?  What a slime douche bag!!!!

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